What Happened To Fiat's New Charlie Sheen Commercial?

Sometime in early to mid-September, Fiat filmed an ad with Charlie Sheen for the new 2017 Fiat 124 roadster. About a month later, the automaker started showing the ad to groups of dealers and Fiat boosters. On November 17th, Charlie Sheen went on the Today show to admit he was HIV positive, and had paid more than $10… »Tuesday 3:03pm11/24/15 3:03pm


Here's An Even Better Version Of The Fiat 124 Exhaust Note

We managed to snag a listen to the exhaust note of the 2017 Fiat 124 Spider last night, but it was just for a few seconds, and we didn’t get to hear much. But, incredibly long and convoluted and frightfully boring story short, we managed to follow it up a bit later with a much better glimpse into what a Mazda Miata… »11/19/15 5:30pm11/19/15 5:30pm

Fiat 124 To Unreliable-Italian-Car Stereotypes: Drop Dead!

When I was a kid, my mom bought a Fiat 128... which died of old age about two years later (it sure sounded cool to my 7-year-old ears as it ran through the gears, though). But I'm not going to let my personal experience color my opinion of Fiats, nor will I let the fact that I've never even heard of a North American… »2/18/08 2:00pm2/18/08 2:00pm