Felix Baumgartner Is A Crazy Person, Chases Drift Car In Helicopter

Unwilling to rest on the laurels of his various skydiving records, Felix Baumgartner has once again taken to the sky, albeit this time much closer to Earth. His newest flavor of insanity is chasing a drift car around a Polish air base in an acrobatic helicopter, which looks like a mashup between Mission: Impossible » 8/05/15 3:52pm 8/05/15 3:52pm

Watch Red Bull Space Jumper Felix Baumgartner Test The Volkswagen XL1

You all no doubt remember Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian superbadass who jumped out of a balloon last year 128,000 feet above the earth and hit 843.6 mph with his body because Red Bull asked him to. Now he has been called to perform an equally dangerous task: drive the obscenely efficient Volkswagen XL1. » 3/06/13 12:30pm 3/06/13 12:30pm

These Are Twitter's Most Hilarious Reactions To The Insane Red Bull Space Jump

While Austrian superbadass Felix Baumgartner was setting new records by jumping out of a capsule more than 20 miles above the surface, everyone out in the Twitterverse did what they do to break the tension: they cracked jokes about the situation, often at the expense of Red Bull, the sponsor of the event and… » 10/14/12 2:55pm 10/14/12 2:55pm

In Case You Didn't Know, The Red Bull Space Jump Will Be Insanely Hard (And Dangerous)

At this moment, we're excitedly waiting for the winds to die down so that professional badass Felix Baumgartner can ride a balloon to more than 20 miles above the earth's surface, then jump out, breaking the sound barrier in the process. Watch the Red Bull space jump live here. » 10/14/12 11:00am 10/14/12 11:00am

Everything You Need To Know About Red Bull's Insane World Record 23-Mile Space Jump

On Tuesday, October 9th, Felix Baumgartner will participate in the final stage of the Red Bull Stratos project, the highest sky diving mission in history. » 10/08/12 2:00pm 10/08/12 2:00pm

Red Bull is known for its sponsorship of extreme sports around the world. The stratos jump might just be the most audacious thing they've attempted. Basically, a…

This Is What It Looks Like To Jump From 13.6 Miles Above Earth

Our planet never seems more beautiful than from a distance. Extreme jumper Felix Baumgartner brought back this amazingly distant view — from 71,580 feet above the surface — before jumping out of his space capsule and hurtling home at 365 mph in his quest to hit supersonic speeds without an aircraft. » 3/16/12 10:00am 3/16/12 10:00am