Red Bull's Supersonic Stratos Space Jump Has Been Aborted Due To Gusty Winds

Red Bull chose to launch their Stratos Space Jump from Roswell, NM because of the normally favorable weather conditions in the area.

The jump has now been delayed twice, and both times have been due to unfavorable weather.


If you hadn't heard, Red Bull is sending daredevil Felix Baumgartner 23 miles up in a capsule to the edge of the stratosphere, where he was then going to jump out, break the sound barrier, and free fall for 22 miles before pulling his chute.


Yesterday's attempt was delayed until today because of a cold front that moved in and created volatile weather.


Today's jump was delayed due to winds, but they expected it to be good to go at 1:30 EDT. Unfortunately, gusty winds have forced the cancellation of the jump.

Looks like we'll try it all again soon. Red Bull says that Thursday is the next possible day to make an attempt, and we'll be streaming it live here once again.


Photo Credit: Getty Images

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