Meet The DAF Kalmar, The Mail Truck That Looks Like A Cartoon

I’m not exactly sure what it is about the business of mail delivery, but a surprising number of the vehicles designed specifically for this purpose end up looking adorable. Look at the VW Fridolin, or the Goggomobil postal vans — freaking huggable. And now here’s one more oddly charming little mailman: the DAF Kalmar. »4/22/15 12:28pm4/22/15 12:28pm


This diminutive DAF is the granddaddy of all wedge supercars

Before the Lamborghini Countach, before the Lancia Stratos Zero, before the Pininfarina Modulo, there was this, the DAF 55 Siluro, a silver wedge with a 1.1-liter Renault engine and a stepless, fully automatic transmission. After it was shown at the 1968 Geneva Motor Show, the world of supercars would never be the… »7/05/11 2:30pm7/05/11 2:30pm

Absinthe, Darkness Cannot Deter Franzouse From Capturing Paris DAF

When you're stumbling down a Paris street at 2:00 AM with a head full of absinthe and you spot a '73 DAF with its owner- an Armenian priest- nearby, what do you do? If you're a certified Jalopnik Project Car Hell Poster Child, you whip out your iPhone and start shooting (perhaps taking an additional swig of the… »5/02/08 3:00pm5/02/08 3:00pm

Sir Jack Stole the Clutch! Brabham-Daf Formula 3 Car!

Who knew that DAF campaigned a Formula 3 car back in the 1960s? The first car was an Alexis chassis, a Cosworth mill and of course, the Variomatic transmission. It was mildly successful, managing a 7th-place finish at Monaco in '65. At that point Brabham entered the picture and Brit Mike Beckwith managed two wins in… »3/16/07 11:45pm3/16/07 11:45pm