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DAFamino Madness Grips Vermont By The Throat

Illustration for article titled DAFamino Madness Grips Vermont By The Throat

The DAF Club of America held a Micro/Mini Madness event [Update: next to] the live free or die state over the weekend. And didn't invite us! Which would be like having a Dead Kennedys reunion without Jello Biafra Genesis reunion without Peter Gabriel. We wouldn't have been able to go anyhow, as we were tied up in North Cackalacky und Tennessee, but still. Turns out that we didn't miss that much as Daniel Strohl of Hemmings fame reports, "I bopped up there, only to see a grand total of three and a half DAFs." One of them however, was a DAFamino. So, obviously, the whole thing was worth it. More images and the full story over at Hemmings. Hmmm... hey Johnson, don't see any upcoming FAF events, now do I?


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First of all, the live free or die state is New Hampshire, not Vermont. Secondly, between DAFaminos and the Simpsons movie premiere next weekend, Vermont is quickly becoming awesome.