Yeah, yeah โ€” you knew this was coming. But I think Jalopnik would have a real shot at winning. First of all, with Murilee and Bumbeck working the pits, you know our car would running like a Swiss clock. Sure, they may sneak a nitrous system into a fake battery, but so what? As for actually driving, I'm sure between all of us we could come up with a pretty mean team. Actually, Wes says we hear Wes is quite capable. And how could you not love a race car driver named Spin? But what are we driving? Obviously an El Camino comes to mind. As does a Starion. However, those are simply too obvious. No, we need you to put on your hoon-hats and do some serious pondering. Think DAF (Turbo-Twin FTW!). Or Ekranoplan. Or better yet, the Tumbler. As many have pointed out, whatever the actual car is, it will need to be Camino'd. And since we can't figure out how one would Camino an Ekranoplan, what about an RS4 Avantamino? Lord, that would be sweet. I'm shutting up. Your turn.