COTD: Daf Vs. FAF Edition

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One of the great moments in Jalopnik history is the mighty Daf versus FAF battle of 2007. The Dutch and their variomatic rubberband CVTs stood against the typically weird and uniquely-Gallic FAF. Now that the dust has settled, what have we learned?

Well, the battle never really ended. Everyone just argued back and forth for months. We read way more than anyone needs to read about a CVT Formula 3 car, a guillotine-necessary hatchback, a side saddle forward control offroad bedframe, and whatever the hell this thing is.
Somehow, as we talked about Connor's Day, everything got wrapped together by Twism.


For once, the always-fighting, faceless monster called The Internet has actually done something together, to light up the life of a courageous little boy and his family.

Proof that when we stop bickering about ''wut car iz best'' and we line up behind a common goal, we can achieve nothing short of miracles.

Oh, damn. Autumn is back. I think I may be allergic to Autumn.

Who am I kidding? Everyone knows wut car iz best — it's Daf! The war will never end!

Photo Credit: DAF/Alden Jewell