DAF vs. FAF: The Final Battle

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To the aggravation of some and the amusement of others, two of the guys who exist in the form of Jalopnik.com have been at war for the last week over a couple of vaguely ridiculous European cars. The Loverman has come down on the resin-encrusted side of Dutch manufacturer DAF, while Davey G. has gone on record as ridiculously worshipful of Citro n's easy-to-build, easy-to-finance FAF project. DAF has a miraculous rubber-band drivetrain. The FAF vehicles were based on the venerable 2CV platform. DAF built an omnidirectional amphibious vehicle. There is a cult of 2CV speedboat enthusiasts on the Continent. Both had Camino variants. In short, both Jonny and Davey will admit that the other's choices are awesome. But ultimately, which is more awesome? That readers, is what we're leaving it up to you to decide. Who will triumph? The can-can-dancing harlots of the Moulin Rouge, or the weeded-out kinkstresses of the Red Light District?

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If you need to brush up: DAF vs. FAF [Internal]

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I guess I've just been spoiled by VW.

Here's a company that got its roots from a Nazi freak, got their first designs from the guy who pretty much invented the all-wheel-drive hybrid and went on to father my favorite sports car company. Built the Schwimmenwagen amphibious car during the war. Has the required 'Camino in the Rabbit pickup. Has odd powertrain options in the old twin-engined stuff and that 1l car from a few years ago. Had the cojones to essentially re-release a Nazi command car thirty years later as a beach buggy (with requisite removable doors). And built that insane 3-wheeled prototype last year.

I just can't get all in a tizzy about the eccentric but ultimatelynot overwhelming stuff from DAF or FAF...