Absinthe, Darkness Cannot Deter Franzouse From Capturing Paris DAF

When you're stumbling down a Paris street at 2:00 AM with a head full of absinthe and you spot a '73 DAF with its owner- an Armenian priest- nearby, what do you do? If you're a certified Jalopnik Project Car Hell Poster Child, you whip out your iPhone and start shooting (perhaps taking an additional swig of the wormwood first, to steady your camera hand). Make the jump to read Franzouse's description. [Classic DAF]


Going out last night I literally stumbled upon a DAF 66 SL, the last offspring of the Dutch manufacturer before being bought by Volvo. For some reason its owner, an Armenian priest was around (at 2 a.m.) and he told me a little about his ride: it's a 73' that he bought from his predecessor, it has 210000 km (ca. 130k miles) and still travels about 60 miles per week. Given his long beard and dignified demeanor I doubt he hoons this little thing but assures it runs nicely, and he's never had a problem since he bought it in the late 80s (amazing when you think it's got a variomatic). Indeed the cars seems to be in very good condition. Iphone pics shot in a dark street with a significant amount of absinthe in me:

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