Detroit News Picks Worst Cars For Woodward Dream Cruise

Automotive taste is such a subjective thing. Two decades ago nobody would have thought Mopars would be the hottest thing on the strip and street, and yet we're staring at triple-digit Chargers these days. Given the pending Woodward Dream Cruise this weekend, the Detroit News has picked out the cars they believe to be… »8/12/08 3:00pm8/12/08 3:00pm

Brady Bunch Gives Up On Country Squire: To The Crusher With It!

Imagine an alternate universe in which the SUV never annihilated the big Detroit station wagon, a universe in which Ford dealers stocked row upon row of gleaming new '08 Country Squire wagons. Would faux-woodgrain siding still be available? And how many cupholders could you fit in a Squire? Sadly, most of the… »4/01/08 2:00pm4/01/08 2:00pm

Mad_Science Makes Bid For Project Car Hell Poster Child Award

The PCH Poster Child ranks are populated by the likes of BrendanSF, Belvedere Adrian, Junkman, SeanKHotay, dculberson, and Franzouse, and each of them got in because of the undeniable madness of their respective projects. Now Mad_Science is rapping his bloody knuckles on the PCH Poster Child Clubhouse door with his… »2/28/08 4:00pm2/28/08 4:00pm

Spiked Squire: Denver Rolls Out The Not-So-Welcome Wagon

Our friend Kitt in Denver sends in these photos of an evil-looking '66 Country Squire she spotted menacing her neighborhood. Now, when you take a family hauler and attempt to make it look mean, you're walking a pretty thin line between looking good and looking lame (the same rule applies to tattoos, of course). We… »7/24/07 10:30am7/24/07 10:30am