Country Squire Autocross Madness!

I ran across this hoontastic autocrossing '89 Ford LTD Country Squire wagon over on the other day and, after LTDScott mentioned it yesterday, it seemed like a good time to share it with the wagon-loving readers of Jalopnik. Most of us don't think "Ford station wagon" when we think of handlin' machines, but that might change after viewing the video of the Family Truckster. It's just a shame all station wagons don't sound like this one! []


The first time I ever saw the north end of 130 on the speedo was in a FoMoCo wagonnizer with a stock 429 police interceptor engine. Driving one of these station wagons is like making love to a big girl with a lot of curves. It pays to get enthusiastic, but once she gets rolling, you're going to go where SHE wants you to. Zoom baby.