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We may earn a commission from links on this page

Vote For Our Next Project Car Hell Poster Child!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Perhaps inspired by our last Project Car Hell Poster Child's truly nightmarish '58 Plymouth Ambulance, we've had a couple of readers send in their bids to win the coveted PCHPC Award. Since we now have of them vying for a single award, we must let the readers decide which candidate will win the honor! So, here are today's contestants:

Vote For Our Next Project Car Hell Poster Child!

First, from rusty Somerville, Massachusetts, we have Ryan and his ambitious BMW plans. Ryan has a '73 2002 (no title but some rust) and a '90 325is with a non-running 215k-mile M20 engine. The plan? Swap the engine, transmission, and differential from the 325 into the 2002. Add turbocharging and other goodies. The interior of the 2002 is missing, except for the remaining parts which have "the consistency of Rice Krispy treats." Still doesn't sound bad enough? In Ryan's words: I miraculously found a place with a driveway, but the real hell part is that all of said work is meant to take place in the single-wide, four-deep driveway that i share with 3 roommates.

Vote For Our Next Project Car Hell Poster Child!

Going up against Outdoor BMW Swap Hell is reader SeanKHotay, who at least has a garage (though it's so stuffed full of B20 engines that it's, in his words, a "no-car" garage) to compensate for the Michigan weather. Sean has seven Saabs, including one daily-driver '96 9000, two '78 99 Turbos, a '79 99 road-racer, a '73 99 rally car, a '92 C900T, and a Canadian '88 9000SPG. Then there's the '66 Porsche 912 and the '86 Grand Wagoneer. Of the Saabs, the latter six are Hell Projects; the '73 could be a vintage rallyer someday, one of the '79 Turbos is slated for restoration, and the rest... well, there's sort of an ever-boiling stew of Saab gear around Sean's place, with more Hell than I have space to describe here.

So who's it gonna be? The Great Somerset Driveway BMW Swapstravaganza, or the Michigan Saab Maelstrom? You decide! The winner gets... well, glory! Or shame, depending on your point of view.


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