How Volkswagen Went From Being The Most Honest Car Company To The Least Honest 

I read two Volkswagen-related things yesterday, a record low number for me. One was our story about the EPA’s new suspicions of software-emissions cheating in their diesel V6 engines, and the other was an ad for the VW Type 2 Bus from 1967. VW’s gains in automotive technology are staggering, but somehow on par with… »11/03/15 4:25pm11/03/15 4:25pm

It Doesn't Matter That The New Tacoma Isn't Better Than The Old One

The new Tacoma is a good truck, it’s not a great truck. Toyota has the money and resources to make a mid-size pickup that would knock it out of the park. But despite serious competition from GM, Toyota bunted on this pitch. The took the base hit because they didn’t have to swing any harder. »8/17/15 5:31pm8/17/15 5:31pm