The Trucks Are Too Big

The Lexus GX is not a small SUV. It seats seven, with ground clearance enough to get anywhere you need to go. And this one spotted by heatxdeath on Twitter comes up to the hood of the lifted Silverado HD next to it.


Here is the tweet, casting in stark relief that new trucks are not only larger than the pickups that came right before them, they are larger than just about anything on the road that’s not a current-gen pickup:

I will remind you that the GX is six feet tall and weighs more than 5,000 pounds, to give you a sense of scale.

It’s not the trucks’ fault they’re big. They just keep eating beef and growing bigger and bigger with each generation. They can’t help themselves! We just don’t notice until we see them next to another, older truck, and the size disparity becomes clear.

This has been a bit of a viral theme as of late. This picture of a short-cab Toyota Tacoma from the turn of the millennium in front of a four-door Super Duty got Ford’s PR manager to dive into the replies and then get into a Twitter fight.

I imagine it’s because the current trend of truck styling is so grotesque and baroque that people can’t help but notice that the Silverado glaring down on them is giant. It’s just not a thing that happened even a few years ago, when the F-150 looked like Ford forgot to do any styling on it at all.


With this in mind I think it only makes sense to do an open call for pictures of new trucks absolutely dwarfing vehicles next to them. My favorite variation of this genre is the one posted by heatxdeath above, in which the truck is shadowing what used to be considered a large vehicle.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



I actually got to stand next to a new Ford Ranger the other day. I was shocked at how huge it was. Apparently Ford is more interested in selling the trucks it wants to sell than listening to people and building a truck they want to buy.

I just want a small pickup that will fit in a regular car space without squeezing that doesn’t cost a mint and gets reasonable mileage. Is that too much to ask for? I will accept a 5 speed manual transmission (even a 4 speed!) manual crank windows, no “infotainment” system, and vinyl seats. All I really require is a full-framed small pickup with real bumpers, decent suspension and brakes, and the basics, along with air conditioning.

I will even accept Ford’s little EcoBoost 1000 engine, if the pickup is small and light enough. (I think that would be awesome, actually.)

Sell that for less than $20k and I will buy one tomorrow.