100 Claims Now Approved For GM Ignition Switch Deaths And Injuries

For General Motors, 2014 has been good and bad in equal measure. They've seen record sales numbers and have the strongest product lineup in decades. But they've also been dogged by recalls, hearings, and the ever-increasing toll of people injured or killed by the defective ignition switch in millions of cars. »12/18/14 7:45pm12/18/14 7:45pm


GM's Scathing Internal Inquiry Is A Tale Of Bureaucratic Incompetence

In announcing the findings of an internal investigation about the ignition switch defect that affected 2.6 million cars, General Motors CEO Mary Barra said the company did not conspire to cover up the problem. Instead, the investigation reveals an organization mired in bureaucracy and unable to take responsibility for… »6/05/14 9:35pm6/05/14 9:35pm

Two GM Engineers Put On Paid Leave Because Of Ignition Switch Recall

Last week GM CEO Mary Barra admitted that nobody at GM had been fired over the simply massive ignition switch recall. But now GM has announced that two engineers have been placed on paid leave and that it was a "difficult decision." And it appears one of them is the Cobalt and Cruze's engineering manager. »4/10/14 9:45am4/10/14 9:45am

Court Docs: A Chevy Cobalt Can Shut Down Without Heavy Keys

Recalls, potential fines, and now a criminal investigation: These are all the tribulations General Motors now faces thanks to a faulty ignition switch cited in 12 fatal crashes. But is it really all just because drivers had too much stuff on their key rings? Court documents reviewed by Jalopnik show a more complex… »3/13/14 4:45pm3/13/14 4:45pm