GM Doesn't Have The Parts To Fix All The Recalled Cars Yet

If you're an owner of one of the 1.4 million General Motors cars recalled over a faulty ignition switch blamed for airbag failures and cited in a dozen deaths, then you'll have to wait until April for a fix.


While GM mailed out the recall notices to owners last week, CNN reports that owners have not yet been asked to bring in their cars to dealers yet because there aren't enough parts to fix them. As such, none of the recalled Cobalts, G5s, Ions, HHRs, Solstices and Skys have been repaired yet.

CNN says that it's not unusual for this to happen considering the massive volume of the recall. Owners should be asked to bring their cars in sometime in April.

In the meantime, owners should lighten their key loads or take advantage of the $500 rebate offer for a new car if they're really inclined to buy another GM product.


The cost of the replacement ignition switch should be somewhere between $2 and $5 and should only take minutes to swap out, according to Fox News, although that of course will be free to owners under the recall.

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