This Man Is Selling Entries For A Coast-to-Coast Race On eBay

The real Cannonball Run went extinct years ago. But what's this? A man, a moonshine making man who believes America and the USA are different, is now selling tickets to a new Cannonball Run on eBay. How is this even legal? And what the hell is going on? » 1/02/14 1:40pm 1/02/14 1:40pm

"So, I've spoken with Ed and I've congratulated him on his run. He's offered to show me the data, so I'll likely be making a trip down to Atlanta soon to meet with him, share data, and share war stories." - Says commenter thirtyoneseventen who has attempted the same run four times. » 10/30/13 1:09pm 10/30/13 1:09pm

Brock Yates Is Selling His Stuff

Brock Yates has a pretty damn impressive resume. He founded the Cannonball Run and made his money being one of the more divisive automotive writers in the business, working for Car And Driver in its glory years. Now you can buy his stuff. » 3/14/12 3:30pm 3/14/12 3:30pm

Is General Motors bankrolling a remake of Cannonball Run?

Is GM planning a run at the movie business, throwing its corporate weight behind a remake of the 1981 movie Cannonball Run? That's what insiders are saying about a project that could become the largest, and edgiest, product placement deal in history. UPDATE! » 10/18/11 9:28pm 10/18/11 9:28pm

Dom Deluise's Lincoln Town Car: Buy It Now For Only $6,900

You'd expect a Captain of Chaos to drive something a bit ahem... chaotic, rather than this 1998 Lincoln Town Car owned by the late Dom Deluise. Buy it now for only $6,900! Dun dun DUNNNN!!! » 7/14/09 2:40pm 7/14/09 2:40pm

Dom DeLuise, Dead At 75

Actor Dom DeLuise, star of Smokey and the Bandit II Cannonball Run I and II, three films every auto-lover needs in their DVD collection, died yesterday at age 75. » 5/05/09 12:40pm 5/05/09 12:40pm

Countach Guy Needs Help: Basement-Built Lamborghini Fans Lead To Huge…

If you remember (and really, how can you forget?) last month's stories about Ken Imhoff and his amazing basement-built Lamborghini Countach replica » 11/06/08 1:00pm 11/06/08 1:00pm, you probably know the story turned into kind of a big deal — not just here, but all across the internet. While Ken was most gracious in allowing us to run the , and…

EXCLUSIVE: "I Am The Guy With A Lamborghini In The Basement"

Last week we brought you the story of Ken Imhoff, a Wisconsin man who, after falling in love with the Lamborghini Countach in the classic movie Cannonball Run » 10/28/08 12:00pm 10/28/08 12:00pm, followed his dream by building his very own . The amazing build took place over the course of ten years and was completed and dragged out of the subterranean…

Cannonball Lambo or Bond's Lotus? Which Is Cooler?

Each week we'll let two silver screen automotive icons face off and let you decide which stays and which one goes home, tailpipe between their legs. That's right, it's like an online Thunderdome — except without the death thing. We call it the "Star Car Shootout." Let's get ready to rumble.

Recently we told you… » 2/20/08 12:00pm 2/20/08 12:00pm

Transcontinental 144: Alex Roy on the Rawlings/Collins Record Attempt

The ever-lovin' Herr Roy knows a thing or two about transcontinental control of incontinence in the service of swaths of ground covered in short amounts of time. He's harbored a friendly rivalry with both Richard Rawlings and the Collins Brothers since his first Gumball back in '03. And as a classic business-giver,… » 5/14/07 5:45pm 5/14/07 5:45pm

Texas Duo Claims to Have Broken 1979 Cannonball NYC To LA Run

Bearded Bullrun impresario Richard Rawlings and co-pilot Dennis Collins claim to have broken the famous 1979 Cannonball Run time from New York City to Los Angeles of 32 hours and 51 minutes. According to a release, the two bet rival Jay Riecke they could beat the time in their 2007 Bullrun entry, a black Ferrari 550… » 5/14/07 2:52pm 5/14/07 2:52pm

Pony Express: Saleen to Build Special-Edition Mustangs for Road Rally

Cannonball Run Europe, one of the many high-profile road rally events making the world's idle rich just slightly less idle, is expanding to the US. The founders are inaugurating a new event in mid-2007 called the Great American Run. But more newsworthy than that is its confirmed partner in crime, as it were. That… » 1/27/07 9:23pm 1/27/07 9:23pm

Shit. Dick Landy's Dead

"Dandy" Dick Landy, one of the most innovative men in drag racing history, has died of kidney failure at the age of 69. Proprietor of Dick Landy Industries, Landy kicked the 1/4 mile onto its ear with what was the predecessor to the Funny Car, rocked early Pro Stock, built a flathead that was good for 300mph at… » 1/13/07 8:15pm 1/13/07 8:15pm

Cannonball Run II: Not Good, But, Starion Afterburner!

Not only is there an extended scene of Jackie Chan's Starion crossing from San Pedro to Long Beach, but he then uses his afterburner to elude capture. It's a tossup between this car, Clarkson's infamous pseudo-rally car and Uncle Bumbeck's Battlecar Galactica as to which is the coolest Starion of them all. » 11/28/06 12:30am 11/28/06 12:30am

Who Couldn't Use A Tad of J.J. McClure in His or Her Day?

We actually haven't seen The Cannonball Run since we got back from our first road rally experience. Oddly enough, these clips, strung together by some high-minded altruist, remind us more of our time on the Bullrun than we thought they would. And we'd totally forgotten about Reynolds' line about the black Trans Am… » 8/29/06 4:15pm 8/29/06 4:15pm

J.J., Where'd You Park the Ambulance? Cannonball to Return?

After retiring the Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy dash, which famously terminated a bit above Pedro in Redondo Beach, Brock Yates launched the One Lap of America. Now, with renewed interest in point-to-point rallying due to the Gumball, the Bullrun, the Player's Run and the upcoming documentary » 8/03/06 8:30pm 8/03/06 8:30pm

Who Was Cannon Ball Baker?

Erwin G. "Cannon Ball" Baker was a legendary long-distance record setter in the first half of the last century who traversed the nascent roadways of the nation on what were essentially sponsorship dares from manufacturers. He later became NASCAR commissioner, and when the idea for a cross-country road race popped… » 5/08/06 8:19pm 5/08/06 8:19pm

Brock Yates' Full mph Column

There is one Jalopnik staffer that admits to having never seen the movie The Cannonball Run. We all look at him in shame and wonder "How could this happen?" But maybe, just maybe, he can enjoy the first, and unfortunately the last, column Cannonball legend Brock Yates penned for the now deceased mph. To be generous,… » 4/27/06 4:37pm 4/27/06 4:37pm

Money-Spendin' Idea of the Day

Hey, we're so not getting paid by anyone to say this. Hell, we're barely getting paid by Denton. (God, it's a sad day when we have to say we didn't even get the idea from a press release.) But here's the deal: why not buy The Cannonball Run? It's raining in San Pedro this evening, and well, we can't imagine much… » 3/06/06 10:48pm 3/06/06 10:48pm