Brock Yates Is Selling His Stuff

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Brock Yates has a pretty damn impressive resume. He founded the Cannonball Run and made his money being one of the more divisive automotive writers in the business, working for Car And Driver in its glory years. Now you can buy his stuff.

Yates is having a sale at his home in Wyoming, New York, and the items for sale are up on the website Sales By George. There's some cool stuff from his Cannonball days, as well as some excellent vintage posters.

You can see pictures of all the listed items at the sale's website here, and directions to the sale itself, which takes place March 15-17, can be found here.


(Hat tip to: Evan!)

Photo Credit: Brock and Pamela Yates/Sales By George

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Irving Snapoversteer Washington

Brock sent this note:

"I am most assuredly not dead. If casting Dom Deloise in Cannonball didn't kill me, nothing will. Did I mention that I wrote Cannonball Run? Anyway, the wife and I loaded up the big Jag XJ8L (the finest long-distance road car ever made, in my humble opinion) and are looking for a new property in Wyoming, the state, having realized that we mistakenly settled in upstate New York, practically the world headquarters for the Anti-Destination League. We set off from the Red Ball Garage at midnight, and I plan to be in Cheyenne in 15:35, which should allow me to extrapolate a coast-to-coast time that will make that whippersnapper Alex Roy shut up. I'll be out of touch for a few weeks; so my current publisher, whose name I forget, will be running slightly revised One Lap of America updates from last year."