Dom Deluise's Lincoln Town Car: Buy It Now For Only $6,900

Illustration for article titled Dom Deluises Lincoln Town Car: Buy It Now For Only $6,900

You'd expect a Captain of Chaos to drive something a bit ahem... chaotic, rather than this 1998 Lincoln Town Car owned by the late Dom Deluise. Buy it now for only $6,900! Dun dun DUNNNN!!!


With only 65,000 miles on the celebrity owned Town Car, it might just be a steal, but we're not ones to obsess over the celebrity factor of random rides. Actually, the price is sort of embarrassingly low. We hope a true Deluise fan steps up and makes a real offer. (H/T To Chad!)


[eBay Motors]

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Spencer Williams

I'm glad this isn't a NPOCP poll as any crack pipe talk in regard to the Awesomeness that was Dom DeLuise (which yes extends to his car) would result in internet fists colliding with internet faces and mass de-heartclicking.