Is General Motors bankrolling a remake of Cannonball Run?

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Is GM planning a run at the movie business, throwing its corporate weight behind a remake of the 1981 movie Cannonball Run? That's what insiders are saying about a project that could become the largest, and edgiest, product placement deal in history. UPDATE!


According to New York magazine's Hollywood gossip site Vulture, unnamed insiders say Million Dollar Baby producer Al Ruddy will produce the Cannonball remake, and that British action-comedy director Guy Ritchie is considering populating it with Brad Pitt and his Ocean's 11 buds (naturally, Burt Reynolds would have to do a cameo). As Vulture points out, Ritchie and Pitt are both clients of Creative Artists Agency, which also represents GM as a corporate client.

The deal would see GM do more than provide typical marketing support. Instead, it would take an equity stake, becoming in effect a producing partner. For the money, GM would likely get two hours to show off its car line, perhaps even spotlighting the next Corvette in a leading role.

So how might GM get around potential liability and public outcry from promoting the kind of recklessness that would likely be portrayed in Cannonball in these sensitive times? By shooting it on the Autobahn, of course. Apparently Ritchie wants to film at least part of the movie in Europe.

UPDATE: GM spokesman Tom Henderson told us there's no script in play, and thus no discussions, and that the Vulture story is "without merit, and nothing but random speculation." What's more, Henderson wrote in a comment to this story on Jalopnik, "Acts of drunk driving and complete recklessness are considered reasons for GM to dismiss involvement."


Team Punkass

I hate when they remake movies, and based on past remakes I would probably ignore a new Cannonball Run. I understand why they do it, for the cash money because the originals were hits - but they rarely are better then the originals.

Who could they put in the new one that would be as good as anyone in the original? Where will they find another Jewish black guy pretending to be a priest? Who could you see as the insane Dr. Van Helsing? Who are they going to get to play the role of Pamela Glover? I'm reeling at the thought of some Kardashian getting that role.

What made it good was there were BIG movie stars in it. And there were some offensive jokes in it - shit that would never fly in these too PC days.

I see a South Park episode based of a new version, similar to the one where they feel like Indiana Jones was getting raped by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg - "OH MY GOD, THEY'RE RAPING J.J. McCLURE AND CAPTAIN CHAOS!"

And you know what, I would probably watch a South Park or even a Family Guy re-make of that movie before an actual watered down remake.

Jamie Blake: I just want to thank you for informin' them about us back in Missouri. You know, how we're flashers and sex maniacs.

J.J. McClure: Well, I was just repayin' you for what you and the chocolate monk did back in Ohio.

Fenderbaum: Chocolate Monk?

Jamie Blake: He can say that. Yeah, he can say that, cause he's ridin' around with the "Good Year" blimp!

J.J. McClure: [Looking at Vic] He can say that. He can say that cause if I had the time, I'd take those rosary beads and shove em up your nose.

Jamie Blake: These rosary beads? Up this nose?

J.J. McClure: Yeah.

Jamie Blake: Will ya take a little advice? Bring friends.

Fenderbaum: Ha! Lots of em.

I think I need to watch it this weekend,