Brock Yates Leaves TTAC, Again

We seriously like Brock Yates and we seriously like the idea of serious writers with a long history coming over to the digital side of automotive journalism. We're just waiting for someone to make the transition that will actually keep a job long enough for us to see how it works out. As you'll remember, Yates was » 2/22/08 10:40am 2/22/08 10:40am

Brock Yates Joins TTAC Full-Time, Welcome To The Interwebs

Though it's been a while since Brock Yates was fully canned from Car & Driver, and there was talk of him joining the interwebs many moons ago, nothing ever materialized. But now we're happy to say that Brock Yates will officially be joining the League of Extraordinary Automotive Bloggers at The Truth About Cars. » 1/29/08 11:00am 1/29/08 11:00am

Mercedes-Benz 450SEL 6.9

Sedans haven't faired well in our Fantasy Garage. Currently, there aren't any. Once there were two (the Phaeton W12 and the Quattroporte), but you kids gave both the proverbial boot. Some might argue the Audi RS4 Avant would qualify, but this is a clear case of five doors being more equal than four. No, the only… » 9/19/07 12:00pm 9/19/07 12:00pm

J.J., Where'd You Park the Ambulance? Cannonball to Return?

After retiring the Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy dash, which famously terminated a bit above Pedro in Redondo Beach, Brock Yates launched the One Lap of America. Now, with renewed interest in point-to-point rallying due to the Gumball, the Bullrun, the Player's Run and the upcoming documentary » 8/03/06 8:30pm 8/03/06 8:30pm

The Truth about Car and Driver: Yates Joins TTAC

Holy cannoli. As if the auto journalism world couldn't get any more chaotic, Brock Yates has signed on to spill the beans (in even greater detail) on his departure from Car and Driver, on Farago's The Truth About Cars. He'll also be getting back into the qwerty game on TTAC, contributing other commentary and reviews… » 6/06/06 2:56pm 6/06/06 2:56pm

Well, Fix It, Dear Henry: Block/Scotto One Lap Update

Yesterday, Scotto regaled us with the tale of Ken Block's car crapping out, no doubt leading Block to lament in a Rollins-esque tone, "Hey wait a minute! My Subie doesn't work!" To which Scotto undoubtedly replied, "It's broken!" But in true never-say-die-die-my-darling fashion, the boys from Vermont SportsCar showed up… » 5/09/06 2:50pm 5/09/06 2:50pm