Brock Yates Joins TTAC Full-Time, Welcome To The Interwebs

Illustration for article titled Brock Yates Joins TTAC Full-Time, Welcome To The Interwebs

Though it's been a while since Brock Yates was fully canned from Car & Driver, and there was talk of him joining the interwebs many moons ago, nothing ever materialized. But now we're happy to say that Brock Yates will officially be joining the League of Extraordinary Automotive Bloggers at The Truth About Cars.

Yates starts off with a bang, tackling the issues of congestion, the environment, urban sprawl and Csabe Scere letting him go. It's worth a read and, hopefully, is just the beginning. [The Truth About Cars]

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@rlj676: I think it's perceived as an anti-domestic sentiment. Do YOU think the Big 2.576 are doing a good job? Should we throw parades and parties for them simply because they're domestic? That's a Union way of thinking. Pride no matter how shitty of a job you're doing.

On the Farago edit facism: Whilst i don't believe in comment editing, i think that the rules aren't fascist. What good is a comment if it's a personal attack on the writer? I've seen plenty of contrary opinions, very well-thought out opinions. Not just "UR facist FARAGO."


By "bland and homogenized" you mean essentially re-printing the automaker's PR reports disguised as articles? I take it that you've noticed that the Autoblog guys have taken down that path as well.