Brock Yates Leaves TTAC, Again

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We seriously like Brock Yates and we seriously like the idea of serious writers with a long history coming over to the digital side of automotive journalism. We're just waiting for someone to make the transition that will actually keep a job long enough for us to see how it works out. As you'll remember, Yates was fired from Car und Driver, then went to work for TTAC, then left TTAC, then was hired by TTAC, again. So what's happened next in the ongoing W2 saga? After just three columns, Yates is Fara-gone. The statement from the big boss man at the site all about the truth apparently Yates couldn't handle (or maybe the truth couldn't handle Yates?) below the jump.

After three columns, The Truth About Cars and former Car and Driver columnist Brock Yates have decided to call it a day. I emerge from our agreement with my respect for Mr. Yates' enormous talent, insight, charm and perspicacity intact. Brock's reputation is, was and will be well-deserved. TTAC hopes that he finds a suitable electronic forum for his work soon, so that his many fans can continue to enjoy his wit and wisdom. It's been an honor.


Cool, whatever that means. [TTAC]