Running on Irony: Prius-Driving Celebs Can Be Real Environmental Douchebags

George Clooney and Julia Roberts might want to look twice at the eco-tab they're running up before staring daggers at SUV owners. The celeb-watchers at TMZ have compiled a list of celebs well known for huffing recirculated methane — as they drive off in their Prii, or in Clooney's case, tearing around Hollywood in an… »10/25/06 11:53am10/25/06 11:53am

Ad Watch: Brad Pitt Shills For Honda; Checks Out New Adoption Option

We all know even A-list actors are always looking for the extra dough — especially when they're trying to support a family and you just know those Namibian health centers aren't gonna pay for themselves. But A-list actors have a dirty little secret — they just jet over to Japan and get themselves some yen the… »7/07/06 3:59pm7/07/06 3:59pm