Conan O'Brien Becomes An Animated Archer Character And Battles Mobsters

On a very special segment of Conan, late-night TV host Conan O'Brien didn't just have the voice of Sterling Archer, H. Jon Benjamin, on his couch to promote the new season of Archer. He actually became an animated Archer-style character and got involved in the spy's shoot-em-up hijinks. »1/21/15 6:36pm1/21/15 6:36pm


A Minor Car-Related Error On the Latest Archer Episode

Archer is usually pretty awesome with its car casting, and this week's episode was no exception. However, the scene above had a little error that bothered me. If it were almost any other small Japanese car, it wouldn't be so glaring, but a large part of the AE86's popularity and reputation is due to its rear-wheel… »1/28/14 6:03pm1/28/14 6:03pm

Ask Two Of The Guys Behind Archer Anything You Want

If you're reading this website there's ample demographic data to suggest you also watch Archer on FX and will be tuning your iPad into FX Monday night at 10 PM to watch the premiere of the 5th season. Whet your appetite right now by asking Executive Producer Matt Thompson and Art Director Neal Holman whatever the hell… »1/09/14 2:00pm1/09/14 2:00pm

This Week's TV: A single oil rig causes all the volcanoes to erupt. Could this be the year's most absurd TV event?

Seriously, watch the 30-second trailer for Ring of Fire, in which two of J.J. Abrams' favorite actors discover that if this one volcano erupts... all of the world's biggest volcanos go! It's 30 seconds very well spent. Also, this week's TV includes Evil Selena Gomez, and Evil Elena Gilbert. And meet Emoticonnie, whose… »3/11/13 12:28pm3/11/13 12:28pm

The Cars Of Archer: Why A Cartoon Spy Has The Best Cars On Television

It may be the funniest show on TV, but for car nerds, Archer is like a kiss on the mouth from Bar Refaeli. The animated spy comedy is swarming with cool cars. Watch any five minutes at random and you’ll see so much automotive eye candy, it's as if Hemmings, not the FX network, produced it. We grilled executive… »2/14/13 3:00pm2/14/13 3:00pm