Archer Returns April 5th Completely Redesigned As A Noir Film

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The eighth season of Archer, called Archer: Dreamworld, is completely redesigned to be set in a 1947 noir-style detective story, which is likely the product of whatever coma Archer is probably in after the ending of last season. Because of course he’d be a detective in a noir story.


Evidently the new season will have Archer be reintroduced to the rest of the cast of characters in their new, noir stylized roles, according to Entertainment Weekly. There’s also a lot of care in the classic autos rolling around in the trailer, which we’ll have to track down and identify at some point.


Looks like a fun new direction that somehow seems like a perfect fit for the show. I’m excited. Oh, one important note: the season will premiere April 5th on FXX, not FX. I’ve never heard of it either, but there you are.

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Archer is such a perfect show. I can easily lose a few hours some days of turning on FXX and letting a couple of the early Simpsons episodes end up with the “Archer after Dark” block.

Also recently rewatched the pilot of Bob’s Burgers, and for the start of a series it’s actually a really good episode.