This Is The Alfa Romeo Lemmy From Motorhead Would Drive

While it doesn't say "Hammer" or "Murder One" on the amplifier, the Alfa MiTo By Marshall it quite possibly louder than a Ferrari FXX Evoluzione. » 6/24/14 8:04am 6/24/14 8:04am

Alfa Romeo Has A Crazy Idea And Sticks The 4C's Heart In The Giulietta

It's lean times at Alfa Romeo, what with being down to selling a couple of aging hatchbacks and the very special 4C sports car. That means there's parts sharing going on between the three. Which is great if you're in Europe and want a Giulietta with a lot of turbo boost. » 2/27/14 10:00pm 2/27/14 10:00pm

180 HP Alfa Romeo MiTo Veloce To Bridge GTA Gap

Alfa Romeo is hurriedly releasing as many performance variants as it can to ride the popularity wave of the new MiTo city car. Say buongiorno to the latest 1.4-liter, turbocharged, 180-HP Alfa Romeo MiTo Veloce. » 3/23/09 3:20pm 3/23/09 3:20pm

If That’s What the MiTo GTA Will Actually Sound Like, We Will All Be…

Alfa has released a three minute short film of their upcoming 240 HP Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA with an unfortunate amount of Eurotrash electronica but what really matters is the startup noise. » 3/13/09 10:00am 3/13/09 10:00am

Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA: Pipe Dreams

Still in concept form but now in real pictures instead of PR gloss, here's the Alfa's MiTo GTA. Those ludicrous exhaust pipes look even more enticing in the flesh! » 3/03/09 12:40pm 3/03/09 12:40pm

Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept Headed For Geneva Motor Show

For car buyers in the US, the Alfa Romeo MiTo is a lusty Italian and unavailable tease. Now the Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept is debuting at the Geneva Motor Show, making things even worse. » 2/23/09 9:00am 2/23/09 9:00am

BMW, Fiat Join Forces, Create Next-Gen Mini Platform

BMW and Fiat have signed a memorandum of understanding to co-develop the next-generation platform underpinning three different small cars — the Mini, the Alfa Romeo Mi.To, and the Fiat Grande Punto (which is desperately in need of help based on our experience). To borrow a phrase, the auto industry works in mysterious… » 7/08/08 6:20pm 7/08/08 6:20pm

Alfa Romeo MiTo Dances Around The Test Track

Can't get enough of the cute little Alfa Romeo MiTo? Neither can we. So while the Fiat Grande Punto-based Alfa isn't available until July, we still enjoy watching it race around the test track. Maybe if we can get enough people to want one, Alfa will bring it to the US?
[Alfa Romeo] » 6/20/08 9:40am 6/20/08 9:40am

Alfa Romeo Mi.To Showing Cute Side At Milan Marketing Shoot

They say you haven't become a true "petrolhead" until you've owned an Alfa Romeo. To meet that requirement in America, that requires scavenging through used car ads and, subsequently, junkyards. However, for the places in the world that actually get new Alfas, owning one of the Italian beauties will be a bit more… » 6/08/08 9:56am 6/08/08 9:56am

Alfa Romeo Mi.To Meets 8C Competizione In Photo Studio, Wants Some…

This is what's known in the industry as the Halo effect. Believe it or not, Alfa Romeo aren't making the 8C Competizione because they lay awake at night dreaming about the color red combined with 450bhp V8s, but because their accountants spend all day figuring out what building such a vehicle will have on the sales of… » 5/12/08 1:40pm 5/12/08 1:40pm

Alfa Romeo Mi.To Shows Us Its Details

We just told you about the new Alfa Mi.To this morning, and already we've got close up footage of its cute little Italian details. While we would rather have a more traditional name for the car, we think Alfa's got a winner here with it's 8C Competizione-inspired styling in a Mini Cooper-fighting package. Now if we… » 3/14/08 3:30pm 3/14/08 3:30pm

Alfa Romeo Mi.To: A Furiosa Mini-Fighter From Italy

After the success of BMW's Mini Cooper ("you got them to pay what for that?") many companies have been anxious to offer their own alternatives to the pseudo-British hatch. Alfa Romeo is now one of the first to get in with the decidedly un-retro Mi.To., which looks more like an 8C Competizione than any hatch… » 3/14/08 9:20am 3/14/08 9:20am