You Can Officially Begin Piecing Together Your Own Alfa Romeo Giulia Now

While Alfa Romeo hasn’t quite gifted us the what-if build generator of our dreams just yet, the company has updated its US website to include a color generator and a full list of available options and features for the Giulia sports sedan. Why make a Christmas list when you could just print this out? »Monday 7:00pm11/23/15 7:00pm


Possible Leaked Document Reportedly Shows The Alfa Romeo Giulia Engine Lineup

As Alfa Romeo plans to definitely (maybe) make a comeback Stateside, so far it has only shown off the 4c roadster and the hot Quadrifoglio Verde specification of its M3-fighting Giulia sedan. If this supposed leaked document is anything to go by, we now have a better look at Alfa’s American plans. »11/16/15 9:30pm11/16/15 9:30pm

Surprise! Alfa Romeo Giulia Sedan And New SUV Delayed: Report

Look, we’ve been here before. Alfa Romeo gets that look in its eye, starts playing the music, and then right when its about to deliver the goods and finally sell cars in the States again, something “comes up” and enthusiasts all across America are left wanting. Well surprise, folks, it looks to be happening again. »11/04/15 6:44pm11/04/15 6:44pm

Here's The Alfa Romeo Giulia Captured In Public Video For The First Time

It’s damn near impossible to hate Alfa Romeos, due to all their, well, let’s just say “charm.” And when we saw the new Alfa Romeo Giulia, our feelings were no different. But those were all slick manufacturer photos and videos, so it was hard to see what it was really like. So here’s the first video of the new hotness… »8/05/15 9:35am8/05/15 9:35am

The New Alfa Romeo Giulia's Interior Is A Carbon Fiber Wonderland

If I could pick out one material to adorn as many surfaces as possible, it would probably be carbon fiber. Carbon fiber trim. Carbon fiber knobs. Carbon fiber seat backs. Carbon fiber toilets. Carbon fiber everything. Lucky for us, Alfa Romeo’s gorgeous new Giulia sports sedan has carbon fiber everywhere inside. »7/18/15 4:50pm7/18/15 4:50pm

Oh Good: Alfa Romeo Giulia Developed In Only Two And A Half Years 

Mercedes-Benz can spend six years developing one of their cars before it sees the light of day. Volvo spent seven years on just the seats in the new XC90. So when it came to Italy’s hot new sedan, the 2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia, you would think they spent their due diligence, and they did. For just two-and-a-half years. »7/10/15 10:01am7/10/15 10:01am

Dear Alfa Romeo: It Takes A Lot More Than Sex To Sell Cars

Congratulations Alfa Romeo! You have succeeded in creating a a beautiful sports sedan that not only shares some timeless styling cues from your historic cars, but also manages to fit in in this modern world of crash tests and MPG standards. However, you’re going to need a lot more than sexy curves and a sensual sound. »7/06/15 10:35am7/06/15 10:35am