Alfa has released a three minute short film of their upcoming 240 HP Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA with an unfortunate amount of Eurotrash electronica but what really matters is the startup noise.

And what a noise! It's a revvy little trumpet that will instantly turn every owner into a juvenile delinquent. Grandmothers will shake their heads in disapproval. All Alfa has to do now is build the damn thing.


Also of note is the subtle touch at 2'14" in the video where the original GTA race car that serves as the MiTo GTA's sparring partner flys past the finish line in one unbroken arc of motion.

Le's keep our fingers crossed that similar to the quarantines employed by Medieval European cities during times of pestilence, Turin will be well guarded against the airborne agents of the Carpocalypse, allowing Alfa Romeo to build such a naughty, decadent car.


Note to Alfa: make it in black. White is for Germans. [via WCF]

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