They say you haven't become a true "petrolhead" until you've owned an Alfa Romeo. To meet that requirement in America, that requires scavenging through used car ads and, subsequently, junkyards. However, for the places in the world that actually get new Alfas, owning one of the Italian beauties will be a bit more feasible when the Alfa Romeo Mi.To hits dealer showrooms. But while most Alfas have gorgeous proportions, you have to look at the Mi.To from just the right angle to find it pretty... right?


Well, at least that's what the car appears to think. Yes, much like a teen girl with shaky self-esteem, the Mi.To must think that it looks best when it's taking its own picture, holding a camera out in front of itself just so. The shots were taken in Milan at what we're told was some kind of marketing photo shoot, but if anyone out there finds them posted on the little Alfa's MySpace profile, we won't be surprised.

Hat tip to Domenic!