Peugeot Sport Reveals 908 HDi FAP Hybrid

Based on the race-proven 908 HDi » 9/15/08 12:40pm 9/15/08 12:40pm LMP racer, the new Peugeot 908 HY adds electric power to the already potent mix in the form of an 80 HP gear-driven electric motor/generator that replaces the starter motor on the standard car. Juice is stored in 10 lithium-ion battery packs strategically placed in several locations to …

Peugeot Bringing Diesel Hybrid to 2009 Le Mans Race

Peugeot intends to race a diesel hybrid version of its 908 prototype at next year's 24 Hours of Le Mans. Jean-Philippe Collin, the French automaker's new CEO, revealed the plans in an interview with L-Equipe, revealing that the vehicle could see competition as early as November at the ACO 1,000km challenge in Shanghai. » 3/20/08 11:30am 3/20/08 11:30am

Should Race Cars Look Like Real Cars?

Automobile L'Ouest, the sanctioning body for the 24 Hours of Le Mans, has announced that by 2010 all cars in the top prototype LMP1 class must feature both a closed cockpit and bodywork resembling actual production cars. The thinking is that the LMP1 cars are "dream cars" and that fans should not be able to tell Peugeots … » 8/02/07 12:15pm 8/02/07 12:15pm

Parisian Prototype: Peugeot 908 HDi Nabs First LeMans Win

Will a diesel-fired showdown between Audi and Peugeot dominate this year's 24-hours-of-Le Mans? You bet your sweet glow plugs. And Peugeot this past weekend showed it's not cowed by the Audi juggernaut. Piloted by Nicolas Minassian and Marc Gene, Peugeot's V12 diesel-powered #7 908 HDi logged its first Le Mans win at… » 4/16/07 9:13am 4/16/07 9:13am

Thar She Blows! Twin-Turbo Moby Dick Porsche 935

With 750+ horsepower cracking from a flat-six thanks to creative use of turbocharging and Bosch mechanical injection, the Porsche 935 represents the apex of crazed eighties IMSA Group 5 twin-turbo gas huffing mayhem. The Porsche brain trust produced many variants of the 935 six-banger in answer to the ever changing… » 3/02/07 3:30pm 3/02/07 3:30pm

Call Dr. Evil, Go to Florida

Little beats the Porsche 917 when it comes to dead sexy and dangerous racing machines. The 917 was first rolled out at the 1969 Geneva Auto Show, and followed up the 908 with more power thanks to four more cylinders than the previous eight. Early reports at handling were scary, with the car evidently moving about the… » 3/01/07 3:15pm 3/01/07 3:15pm

Sacr Peu! PSA Debuts 908 and 907 Spider Motor Racing Cars

We posted a couple of shots of Peugeot's new 908 diesel Le Mans car carelessly gleaned from our big blue screen yesterday. In the interest of reader service, we then shed shoe leather like a PCP-addled Bruce Jenner on a quest to capture images for our files and ended up running across it's li'l brudder, the 907 Spider, … » 9/29/06 6:30am 9/29/06 6:30am

Paris Is Oil Burning: More on the Peugeot 908 RC Concept

We're gearing up for the Paris show in September, stocking up on crisp striped shirts and practicing our dismissive attitude (just kidding, guys). This morning, Peugeot fired the first conceptual shot with the 908 concept. Sure, it's as over-the-top as the 907 was, but that LeMans-ready diesel is the real show. We only … » 8/10/06 3:02pm 8/10/06 3:02pm

Vasek Polak's Porsche Engines Recovered, Auctioned For Charity

How did we not know about this? Famed motor-racing driver, car collector and Porsche dealer Vasek Polak died in a wreck on the autobahn in 1997, leaving his estate to the Vasek and Anna Maria Polak Foundation. In 2000, a team of crack thieves absconded with a stock of NOS and rebuilt Porsche racing motors: four… » 7/05/06 3:00pm 7/05/06 3:00pm