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Rallying, Le Mans, a Le Mans start, skinny-tired spins, a Rothmans 959, mud, French police, Daytona, hairy-chested flat sixes, the Nürburgring, and more, all crammed into ninety-five seconds. If you don't want a P-car after this, your brain is broken.


The video below popped up a while back on Porsche's YouTube channel. To go along with it, we've also included a slightly older, but no less cool, ad that features a whole mess of static air-cooled porn. Finding both clips prompted a short YouTube search, which then brought up footage from something called "Porsche Experience TV," which then meant that we were watching a 911 2.7 RS go sideways with a thick-brogued Scot at the wheel. That then led us to a making-of video of Jeff Zwart's excellent "Family Gathering" ad, and while you've probably seen it already, it's worth watching again.

Lastly, we found this video of Porsche's low-friction handling surface at the Porsche Driving Experience. It's obviously an infomercial for the PDE program, but it's also a minute and a half of sideways 911. Hypnotic.


Ass-engined Nazi slot car video excess to cap off your Thursday: Who loves ya?

[Motorsport Ad: Pistonheads]

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