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With 750+ horsepower cracking from a flat-six thanks to creative use of turbocharging and Bosch mechanical injection, the Porsche 935 represents the apex of crazed eighties IMSA Group 5 twin-turbo gas huffing mayhem. The Porsche brain trust produced many variants of the 935 six-banger in answer to the ever changing race series rules regarding use of hair dryers. Some of these engines overtook the output of the twelve-cylinder 917 engine with more than 800 horsepower. This particular 935 is going up on the block at the Amelia Island RM Auction March 10, and is expected to fetch the princely sum 950 thousand clams or so. Our morning trip to Coinstar netted $7.53, an arcade token, and a stripped bolt, so we're unfortunately out of the running.


1981 Porsche 935 IMSA Group 5 Race Car []

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