Honda Fit Runs For Life From Gas-Guzzling 'Merican Mecha Mosquitoes

Mechanical, car-shaped, giant mecha mosquitoes are attacking! What will the little 2009 Honda Fit » 9/29/08 4:40pm 9/29/08 4:40pm do to protect itself from their fuel hungry proboscises plunging into its gas tank? Well, luckily they're stereotypical stand-ins for the stereotype of American gas guzzling whales. Luckily, these monstrosities aren't…

2009 Honda Fit Going On Sale Today, A Month Earlier Than Expected

Automotive News » 8/26/08 10:40am 8/26/08 10:40am reports that the is scheduled to start arriving in showrooms as you read this, more than a month earlier than the planned October 1 arrival. Why the rush? sales are up more than 70% this year in light of high gas prices and positive press; Honda has done everything possible to increase production,…

Honda Fit Hybrid In The Works, Fit Is Go...ing Green

As if the Honda Fit didn't already sip gas like fuel is approaching stratospheric prices, which it is, Honda is working on sticking a version of their hybrid system in the little city cruiser. The company had originally expressed some reluctance to increase the price of small cars by dropping in the expensive hybrid… » 5/21/08 10:20am 5/21/08 10:20am

Honda Launches New Fit/Jazz for Japan

The next incarnation of Honda's subcompact Fit (Jazz for you continental types) is going on sale in Japan this week. You've already seen the new design, by way of a recent anticlimax. Now the details on Honda's next-generation fit come on the heels of news the company's sales are off dramatically in Japan, giving the… » 10/18/07 12:30pm 10/18/07 12:30pm

The JDM 2009 Honda Fit Embargo Is Anticlimactically Broken

So in case you didn't notice due to our server hiccups on Friday, it looks like the walls of that there embargo on the JDM 2009 Honda Fit fully came a-tumblin' down at the end of last week — well before we're supposed to see it in person at the Tokyo Auto Show near the end of next month. Edmunds has the full scoop on… » 9/24/07 10:30am 9/24/07 10:30am

2009 Honda Fit: Now With More Embargo-Breaking Interior Shots!

Yesterday we showed you a few shots of the new 2009 Honda Fit. Well, the very strange looking man who runs the Hollywood Extra has uploaded a few more interior shots and one new exterior shot of the new 2009 model of Honda's econo-wedge, the Fit (Jazz) — still almost a month before the expected reveal at the Tokyo… » 9/21/07 8:15am 9/21/07 8:15am

2008 Honda Fit Shots Leak Out Onto The Internet

The rapscallion who runs the Hollywood Extra has somehow managed to snag some shots of the 2008 Honda Fit a month before it's supposed to officially be revealed at the Tokyo Auto Show. From these pirated press shots it appears the Fit's going the way of the new Scion xD — adopting a much more door stop look. We'll… » 9/20/07 5:00pm 9/20/07 5:00pm