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2008 Honda Fit Shots Leak Out Onto The Internet

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

The rapscallion who runs the Hollywood Extra has somehow managed to snag some shots of the 2008 Honda Fit a month before it's supposed to officially be revealed at the Tokyo Auto Show. From these pirated press shots it appears the Fit's going the way of the new Scion xD — adopting a much more door stop look. We'll have more later this month when the embargo breaks further real shots find their way to the internet.


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Mark Miller

Sorry to disagree with an actual owner of a Fit above, but looking at images of the second generation Jazz (which is the same car) this is not a mere restyle, as they have definitely gone to a "mono-space" or one-box design. Granted, the dimensions are probably very similar to the 1st generation Jazz/Fit, (introduced elsewhere originally way back in 2001), and because of these engineering "hard points" in a very small car, it is a real challenge to make it look significantly different.

I really like what they have done, (not so much the US nose changes). But I'm betting Americans probably won't take strongly to the second generation "mono-box" because tastes are generally more conservative than some other markets. Maybe the perception will be that it's a tiny minivan. HORRORS!