Honda Fit Hybrid In The Works, Fit Is Green

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As if the Honda Fit didn't already sip gas like fuel is approaching stratospheric prices, which it is, Honda is working on sticking a version of their hybrid system in the little city cruiser. The company had originally expressed some reluctance to increase the price of small cars by dropping in the expensive hybrid parts, but President Takeo Fukui explains that with the price of crude oil going up "a Fit hybrid is starting to make sense." The plan is to make the switch in the early 2010, which means that it would likely launch on platform similar to the 2009 Honda Fit that debuted in New York this year, depending on where exactly in the development range this falls.


This isn't the only major hybrid vehicle forthcoming from the automaker. In addition to the hybrid Fit and Civic hybrid, the company plans to release a low-emission race car and a Prius-challening vehicle. Though it may be a silent killer, we look forward to the happy face the Fit will put on mechanized death, and at a reported premium of only $2,000. [Source: AutoNews (Subs. Req.)]


@Kelly: Responsible hypermilers don't clog the roads - if it looks like I'm causing any kind of complications for the leave-late-drive-fast types, I'll get off the I-state and take surface streets. It's easier to mask your hypermiling there. A smooth, unruffled pace and lots of forward-looking as you described will produce a euphoria-inducing relaxed float from green light to green light.

Once I had a guy starting to look pretty incensed behind me, tooling along at 5mph below the limit. Then we breezed up to the light just as it turned green. Then the next one. He calmed down.