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2009 Honda Fit: Now With More Embargo-Breaking Interior Shots!

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

Yesterday we showed you a few shots of the new 2009 Honda Fit. Well, the very strange looking man who runs the Hollywood Extra has uploaded a few more interior shots and one new exterior shot of the new 2009 model of Honda's econo-wedge, the Fit (Jazz) — still almost a month before the expected reveal at the Tokyo Auto Show. Wow, look at that cheaptastic interior...we can almost imagine the industrial plastic smell!

[via Hollywood Extra]


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Al Navarro

@Unregular: @Bumblebee:

I have this theory that in a catastrophic accident, only something with a lot of german or swedish schteel is going to save my bacon. I've seen Pilots with A-pillars that wilted in a crash, so I know that it ain't all about size.

I am most concerned with the dreaded "rear ender" (I felt all naughty just writing that). I recently got rear ended in the TT (at a relatively low speed) and I felt every bit of that.

The Fit (and the Mini too) don't leave me enough of mental comfort with the rear accident that is really out of my control.