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So in case you didn't notice due to our server hiccups on Friday, it looks like the walls of that there embargo on the JDM 2009 Honda Fit fully came a-tumblin' down at the end of last week β€” well before we're supposed to see it in person at the Tokyo Auto Show near the end of next month. Edmunds has the full scoop on the new Fit in all it's shiny n' tiny glory. Or however much glory you can get into a car shaped like a door wedge. Although it's not as tiny as the last model. Like its stablemate, the new Accord, the new Fit's actually gotten bigger β€” the wheelbase has been increased 2 inches to 98.4 inches and the overall length went up 2.2 inches to 153.5 inches. Bigger, longer and more...wedgier? [via Edmunds]