The guy who sent us an angry email for daring to imply owning a Porsche 944 might be nightmarish emailed us back after he realized that, yes, it actually is a nightmare car.

This was the first email we got back when Mr. Seven realized we'd posted his entire letter:

Dear esteemed Jalopnik contributor-

my letter was more meant to be recieved with an air of sarcasm (i'm from nj... ) and humour.

Perhaps I forgot to cut and paste something? The whole point i was trying to make was that the 928 belongs on that list instead of the 944.

thanks for using the photo with my license plate instead of one of the others.

here's another shot of my daily driver, enjoy!

.seven (it'(s even))

And then, after a little back-and-forth, came this realization.


Oh, we're enjoying this. Trust us. We're enjoying the hell out of this.