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And Now, An Angry Letter From A Porsche 944 Owner

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Earlier today, we posted an AOTD headlined "Ten Nightmare Cars You Can't Resist" about cars we love but, for one reason or another, present some ownership challenges. This list included the Porsche 944, which pissed off Mr. Seven...


I request you remove the 944 from the nightmare list on the basis it is the only car on that list that you can literally BUY ANY PART FOR NEW FROM THE DEALER.

I own and have owned several cars and several 944's. I have owned three other cars on the nightmare list.

I purchased my first 944 in 2000. a year after getting out of high school. it was my third car after a 78 blacked out trans am 4sp w ttops (i still own) and a 81 Volvo 242 turbo factory rally car (used to be my mothers). That 242 rally car was BY FAR more unreliable than the 944s

I STILL own that 944. With over half a million miles on the chassis it has not a single spot of cancer despite being a daily hooned car.

i currently own 2 turbos (and the n/a). having been though every nut and bolt in the cars i can honestly say there is no safer or more reliable car i have ever owned.

my 944's are as reliable as the timing belts and the DME relay (keep a spare in the glove box)

in fact, a lot of the parts on the car are used on vw's ie my 94 passat vr6 shares tie rods with it.

parts are CHEAP... CHEAP! (save for a few select items (mahle pistons) and parts purchased from a dealer)

they are easy to work on too!

so what you gotta pull the trans out of the ass of the car to do the clutch

cars i have owned and worked on:
78 trans am
81 Volvo 242
86 944
79 coupe deville
84 regal t-type
NIX #38_
2 86 951s one white one black
2 95 civics
1998 saturn sc2
2001 civic
1994 passat VR6 GLX

and then there's the list of cars i have worked on which is another matter all together as I was a professional mechanic and car restorer during my 8 years of college. (I'm a mechanical engineer btw_)

PLEASE JALOPNIK, show the 944 more love or I'm gonna stop sending your links to my Friends


PS. considering how many of them are on the road... you're gonna piss off a lot more readers than any other make/model by talking trash on the best handling car you can buy for less than 5g

pss i attached pics for you non belivers

psss upon request i will find and scan (ownership predated digital photography) pics of the 242


PSSSS Snap Snap Snap Snap...