Ed Tillrock is a plain-spoken guy. You'd never know he was mad enough to slap a 70mm Garrett T3 turbo onto a 230 cubic inch Chevy inline-six and called it the "Voodoo Curse."

Tillrock's custom has been dubbed the "Voodoo Curse" as he's a member of the Chicago area hot-rod club the Voodoo Kings, but it took more than Voodoo to put this baby together. He started out with a '32 Chevy body and chopped the hell out of it, added the fins from a '57 Buick , the dash of a '57 Oldsmobile, and the steering wheel of a '59 Cadillac — he even hacked in the tailgate of an old Chevy pickup. But that's all stuff a normal, sane hot rod might have.

Take a peek at the engine bay and you're brain starts to boil as it tries to comprehend what it's seeing. Ed fabricated a custom intake and exhaust manifold for a previously junkyard bound Chevy 230 c.i. inline six to accommodate a monstrous 70mm Garrett T3 turbocharger. This thing breaths so heavy, only one half of that carburetor is hooked up. Here's the cherry on top — it's running on stock internals! To make matters even more insane, he's got that chrome smoke stack hooked up to propane and an ignition, this baby breaths fire. Ed say's he'd only got about 1,300 miles on the car and it'll do 85 MPH no problem, but at that point you can tell it's got bias ply tires on it.


Cool as we might think it is, don't take our word for it. Hot-rodding legend Gene Winfield liked it so much he gave it the 2009 Gene Winfield Coolest Custom Award. Pretty amazing considering the car isn't even finished yet!