There's little in life you can't boil down to a top ten list. We should know, we made a lot of them this year. Below are the 11 fiercest, ugliest, most post-apocalyptic lists of 2008.

This week we've run lists of the biggest automotive stories, the most popular Jalopnik stories and the most discussed Jalopnik stories of 2008. Now we get to move on to another favorite "2008 year in review" list — top tens — and we've cranked it up to 11. Here are the 11 highest trafficked Jalopnik top ten lists of 2008.

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11.) The Ten Most Outrageous Car MSRPs

10.) Ten Cars You Can Live In After Your Home Is Repossessed

9.) The Ten Fiercest Russian Military Vehicles Of All Time

8.) The Ten Most Outrageous Car Body Kits

7.) Ten Most Beautiful Cars Currently For Sale

6.) Ten Ways To Get Out Of A Speeding Ticket

5.) The Ten Best Post-Apocalpytic Survival Vehicles

4.) Ten Best Tailgating Vehicles

3.) The Ten Ugliest Cars Currently Sold In The United States

2.) America's 10 Most Confusing Traffic Signs

1.) The Ten Scariest-Looking Cars Of All Time