And The Best Post-Apocalyptic Vehicle Is... The Sisu XA-185

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We had a late surge of votes for the best post-apocalytpic vehicle contest, though it didn't change the score that much. It turns out our readers love the flexibility, mobility and amphibious nature of the Finnish Sisu XA-185 (and other Sisu XA derivatives). With the Sisu getting first place with 28.7% of the vote and the Buffalo Force Protection Vehicle coming in second with 16.6%, it's clear that in the radioactive zombie-infected future you all prefer brute force to creature comforts.


While we'd have opted for something more livable, like the Steeltruck 4X4, which includes a kitchen and comfortable beds, we're guessing that everyone here would rather be safe than comfortable. The Sisu also has the advantage of being amphibious, something only the Dobbertin Surface Orbiter can also claim. This has us thinking about ways we could convert the Sisu to make it a bit more amenable to daily life (you don't want to sleep outside with radioactive mutants lurking about). Looks like there is just enough room in there for an exercise bike and a full-sized bed to me.

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Rob Emslie

Good choice. Those rear-mounted propellers will give the zombie hoard some serious hurt, what with the slicing and the dicing.

I can tell you one thing; when the zombies DO break out of their Government holding tanks and rein terror on the world, the last people I'm calling is the effing UN.