Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!  

Driving today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mustang might require a small pickup as wingman, following wherever it goes, and carrying a sign that reads 'Wide Load.' That's because this pony sports some cool, and hells-big, fender flares from back in the day, but will its price also be seen as 'a load?'

It's hard to check more boxes than did yesterday's 1989 BMW 325iX Touring - in concept. In reality there just wasn't enough background in the ad to support the rare car's price, and it ended up going down in a lamentable but probably accurate 60% Crack Pipe loss. Maybe if it had been brown?


When Ford brought performance back to the Mustang in 1982 they advertised its return by claiming 'The Boss is Back.' Ford didn't actually denote the model the Boss, choosing instead GT as the moniker for the new hot pony, but to be sure, the Mustang's 302 V8 was once again large and in charge.

Full disclosure; the first new car I ever bought was a 1981 Mustang, not a V8 mind you, but a stripper entry-level coupe with a four pot and power nothing. It was, and remains, the worst car I have ever owned. Now understand that I have owned a parade of old British cars so that's a damning testament to that Mustang's awfulness. It had no power, it rode terrible, and at anything over 70 it shook like a dog shitting a peach pit. It also lacked the amazing looks of this '82 Mustang GT.


The ad for this wide body 'Stang says that its 'IMSA-style' flares were dealer-installed by a Ford shop in White Plains, New York, and included in the ad is s sepia toned shot that looks to have been taken back in the day in that very same dealership. Or maybe it's Photoshop, I don't know.

It should be noted that in the other photos show a car with two different rear wings, side pipes or not, a roof spoiler in one pic and not the other, and possibly different license plates. Hmmm.


Now take a look at this forum post on foureyepride and see if you think it's the same machine from back in 2008. It looks a lot more Mad Maxican in a number of those shots, but I'm pretty sure it's the same as today's candidate.

Motivation for this Mustang comes from what's said to be a lightly modded 302 - sporting a Holley 4bbl, a more aggressive cam, and some exhaust updates that might make passing an emissions test a challenge. Backing up the small block is a righteous T5 gearbox.


Visually, the car looks really nice in the pics, and while the interior shot is blurrier than my memory of college, the Recaro seats and dash look intact. On the outside things are seemingly also perfectly serviceable although the ad says that it does show some effect of its age.

Fox body 'Stangs are about the best bang for your buck you can get this side of a two-for-one coupon at the Mustang Ranch. This one is particularly interesting if its body mods do in fact hail from the olden days and its present condition is also in fact properly represented in the pics. Is it worth nearly ten grand though?


The seller is asking a fiver below five figures and says that he's not in a hurry to sell. Neither is he interested in entertaining low ballers, so male Dachshunds need not apply. For the rest of us however, what's your take on this fat-fendered Mustang for $9,995? Is that a price that should have a buyer rounding up this pony soon? Or, is that price that makes this a mustn't-ang?

You decide!


Hudson Valley NY Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears.

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