Why Don't More Women Love Cars?

Nobody walks in LA. And no one rides the bus, either. Which means that everybody drives. And according to the 2005 county census, 50.6% of the county's population is female. Which means there are more women drivers. Yet, and yes I'm painting with a broad brush here, the ladies just don't seem to care about cars the way their testicled counterparts do. I told a woman in a parking lot that I liked her Celica and she didn't know what I meant. Then, in that same Whole Foods lot, no less than five men (myself included) stopped and drooled over a cherry red Jaguar XKR. I can site numerous examples (a female friend of mine bought a Focus over a GTI because the Ford came in Yellow) but I don't think this is exactly news. I mean, Jalopnik has what, one woman reader? I'm curious as to the why?

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