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Why Don't More Women Love Cars?

Illustration for article titled Why Dont More Women Love Cars?

Nobody walks in LA. And no one rides the bus, either. Which means that everybody drives. And according to the 2005 county census, 50.6% of the county's population is female. Which means there are more women drivers. Yet, and yes I'm painting with a broad brush here, the ladies just don't seem to care about cars the way their testicled counterparts do. I told a woman in a parking lot that I liked her Celica and she didn't know what I meant. Then, in that same Whole Foods lot, no less than five men (myself included) stopped and drooled over a cherry red Jaguar XKR. I can site numerous examples (a female friend of mine bought a Focus over a GTI because the Ford came in Yellow) but I don't think this is exactly news. I mean, Jalopnik has what, one woman reader? I'm curious as to the why?


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Why does it take a post like this to bring all the female readers out of the woodwork? Seems kinda desperate on both sides to go, "hey, where are all the women?" "hey, we're all right here!", before they disappear forever until the next similar topic pops up again (inevitably). On the other hand, we probably wouldn't notice otherwise on much more boring topics.

@stu-rock: You're right, I suppose. Most male subcultures like cars, guns, sports, etc. are almost entirely male-dominated. So if a girl who actually shows a passion and interest in these things tries to join in, she's just going to get repulsed by men who aren't willing to accept that somebody with a vagina is interested in their manly badass macho stuff, or worse, will try to pick them up/stalk them, which is an even greater turn-off (I'd imagine, seeing as my penis prevents me from gaining this firsthand knowledge). It's an instinctive macho aspect that men have to help and teach the innocent, helpless girl about their world, and if she turns out to know the same or more than he does about it, he'll perceive it as a threat.

I've seen this firsthand. My friend is obsessed with sports even more than your average frat jock douchetard, but she can't find anybody to talk to about sports without being looked upon as a clueless girl. Which is pretty frustrating to her as her female friends don't know shit, and her male friends are afraid of her encyclopedic knowledge.