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What's Your Mostest/Leastest Favorite Bumper Sticker?

Illustration for article titled Whats Your Mostest/Leastest Favorite Bumper Sticker?

We've never really understood the impulse to plaster slogans on the back of one's vehicle. True, in high school we did order a bunch of stickers with pictures of a screw on them out of National Lampoon and for a week most of our neighbors' cars suddenly announced, "I [Screw] My Kids," and "I [Screw] My Horse." Thinking back, it turns out that we've only ever had one bumper sticker affixed to an actual bumper, and it was for our old band. Which hardly counts. By and large however, bumper stickers tend to be quite bad. Unlike men's room graffiti, which tends to be quite good (our favorite of all time from inside D.B.A. in the East Village. One guy had written, "I fucked your mother." Below another guy wrote, "Go home dad, you're drunk.") Yesterday we saw a "What Would Neil Young Do?" sticker. A minute later we saw, "Is It 2008 Yet?" We'll leave it up to you to decode which one we love and which one we detest. Now, your favorites?


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I detest all stickers. A vinyl or two in the window for your college, band or sports team is acceptable, barely.

I have to confess, I put a small NOS sticker on my taillight once (not on the paint) just to add a little mystery, but believing most people would know I wasn't really running nitrous. Someone attempted to steal my car the VERY SAME DAY I put the sticker on. The sticker came off the next morning.

A couple bumperstickers on other cars have made me chuckle. "Meat is murder. Sweet, sweet murder."