What Car Should You Buy Instead Of A House?

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Houses, am I right? So much work, so much time, so much money. You should just buy a car instead.


There are probably two ways you could go about buying a car instead of a house:

1. Buy a car that costs as much as a house, like a Bentley Mulsanne. You're giving up some space, but the Mulsanne likely has better carpets than any house you can afford for the price.


2. Buy a car that has the same amount of space as your house. My room is currently smaller than some vans I've been in, for instance, and there are tons of 'everything and the kitchen sink' off-road excursion vehicles that I wouldn't mind living in.

So I guess we have two questions here: what car could you buy instead of a house, and what car should you buy instead of a house? Your justification is what's important.

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I should buy this because this is awesome! Could? No. Would? If I could.