What Car Deserves a Dedicated Off-Road Trim?

After all, you can't be seen wheeling a base model.

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Photo: Ford

Yesterday, Ford graced us with the Maverick Tremor — a lifted, off-road-ready version of the blue oval’s pluckiest pickup.We’ve seen Tremors before from Ford, but there’s something appealing about the trim level making its way to the little unibody Maverick. It’s smaller lighter, and likely more manageable on trails.

But as overlanding continues to dominate what’s left of Instagram, don’t be surprised if more ‘froading trims start showing up on dealer lots. From Tremors and Rebels to TRD Pro and Wilderness, everyone wants a slice of that off-road pie. Today’s question for you is: What make and model is missing out?

The rare off-road nyoom
The rare off-road nyoom
Photo: Subaru

Recently, I’ve been reading up on the Trans America Trail, trying to determine whether it’s too difficult for stock Wranglers or simple enough to be done on postie bikes. Either way, there’s one car that should absolutely come factory-ready to tackle it: The Subaru Crosstrek.

Sure, the Crosstrek can’t fit 33" tires. It won’t have the ground clearance of stock off-roaders, let alone modified ones. There are no portal axles to be found beneath its Impreza unibody. But the Crosstrek is a fantastic size, its exterior dimensions are compact enough to slip through trails that would be harrowingly tight on a full-size pickup. Plus, they look mean with a little lift and some knobby tires.


Subaru should give us the long-rumored Crosstrek Wilderness and imbue it with true offroad capability, giving us the perfect support vehicle for long overland trips. At least, that’s my take — what vehicle do you think needs a factory off-road trim? Leave your best pick in the comments below, and we’ll grab our favorites tomorrow.