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OK, so the spy photographer who snapped those pictures of the Corvette powertrain mule and posted them all over the internet is NOT in jail, and our sources at the General now confirm they've taken no legal action "themselves" against anyone. The General also hasn't pushed for anyone to take down their photos — which is good, because as you can see in the photogallery below, we weren't planning on pulling them down any time soon. But since speculation is what the name of the game is about on this whole Super-Duper (blue) devil of a Corvette — we figure we should be spending some time speculatin' about the next gen of the 'vette — the 7th. Motor Authority is claiming that in this next issue of MotorTrend magazine (which we've not confirmed as we've not yet received), they've got an exclusive interview with GM's veep of global product development Jim Queen, who they're claiming says:

"the next-generation C7 Corvette will retain a naturally aspirated V8 engine but will develop up to 700hp in flagship form. Also, rumors of an AWD version are said to be false..."

"...The major focus of the project will be to increase the efficiency of the drivetrain. "We're working hard to get that power onto the pavement," Queen said, adding that weight and weight distribution are the keys. Most of GM's upcoming large RWD cars are moving to its new Zeta architecture, however, the new Corvette and its Cadillac XLR sibling will be based on a unique platform. "


Hmm, ready set, speculate!

Next-gen C7 Corvette gets 700HP


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