We Have Been Out-America'd By Sweden

Screenshot: SwedishRally
Screenshot: SwedishRally

America is full of vintage muscle cars and our aftermarket is brimming to support them with re-engineered parts and fresh V8s. So why are we getting schooled by Sweden in how to rally gigantic old muscle cars?


My buddy, rally co-driver par excellence Steve Harrell, sent over this video the other day, sending me into a fit of despair.

America should be absolutely full of V8 Falcons ripping sideways down our many rural dirt roads. Instead it is Sweden, which has but raggare, that is making us look bad.

Seems like a big missed opportunity on our part, in my opinion.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



I wouldn’t call a Falcon “gigantic”. Bigger than contemporary Euro cars, sure, but not huge since it’s basically a Mustang in a boring suit. A rally Galaxie would be gigantic. And glorious.